The event is proposed not to be India centric but aims to address the problems of developing as well as developed world in the context of present day challenges. Different regions of the world are at different levels of endowment and development of water resources. A special feature of the event will be a host of special side events managed by international organizations and professional societies and bodies. The other highlight will be special supporting events in the related topics or Country specific or Crop specific or Technology Specific theme.

The event will be a multi-disciplinary dialogue in the form of a conference discussing issues related to the theme. 9th Micro Irrigation Conference will focus on the theme of “Micro irrigation for Modern Agriculture“. Following are the sub-themes under this theme:

Subtheme 1: Micro Irrigation Design, Innovations, and New Techniques
• Technical details, arrangements, success/ failure stories
• Industry Studies, New Technology, Accessible Technology & Products
• Fertigation
• Solar Power Integration

Subtheme 2: Financing of Micro-irrigation
• Innovative financing
• Micro irrigation Fund

Subtheme 3: Micro Irrigation for Small Farm Holders
• Productivity, Surface Water linking, Energy Efficiency
• Reclaimed water, urban irrigation, Sustainability, long term solutions
• Social up-liftment, innovative management and impact on women

Subtheme 4: O&M Services and Capacity Development for the Micro Irrigation Systems
• Techniques, Problems, solutions, Participatory Approach
• Capacity development of farmers and service providers
• Skill Development