Event highlights

The conference aims and plans to provide a global platform for professionals and exhibitors by showcasing knowledge and technologies from the world over and providing business to business opportunities to the water resources communities. Following high level concurrent events are also proposed:
• Irrigation Minister’s Roundtable
• Farmer’s Pavilion & NGO session
• Sponsors Workshops on Specific Crops
• Workshop on specific Agro Climatic Zone
• Micro Irrigation Awards to Farmer, practitioner, Company, Government

The event will showcase various programmes that include:
i. Conference: 3 days of action packed exchange of ideas on Policy for the Development of the Micro Irrigation in Modern Agriculture for Sustainable Water, Food & Agriculture
ii. Exhibition: Core focus – 3 days industry sponsored technology-based exhibition of products depicting latest technology for use of micro irrigation
iii. Supporting Events: Focus on Women Participation, Rural Development and Farmers Participation, Crop/Technology/ Country Specific events
iv. Cultural Tour(s): Full day Cultural Tour after 3 days to focus on rich cultural heritage of India located in that area. Details of Cultural Tours
v. Study Tour(s):(18th January(Evening) and 19th January,2019) Full day Study Tour after the conference to focus on one of the largest micro Irrigation system of India located in that area and visit to a factory.
Study Tour to Micro-Irrigation Factory site in Jalgaon will be sponsored entirely by M/s Jain Irrigation
vi. Accompanying Person: Full 3 days engagements in local shopping cum cultural etc.
vii. Social Networking: Other ICID National Committee’s Program/ Dinner, Spouse Club, Cultural show/ Film Show
viii. Themes for Cultural Programmes for Sponsored Dinners: Click here

A large group of eminent international and national persons and local farmers shall be invited for sharing their experiences in the field of latest development in micro irrigation technology to enhance crop production and water management for optimal use in agriculture, technical and sociological interventions for sustainable water, food &agriculture.