The world’s population is predicted to reach 9.1 billion by 2050 out of which about 6.3 billion are projected to live in urban areas. Growing population will lead to significant increase in demand for food and fibre and a projection show that overall food production would require to be raised by some 70 percent between 2005/07 and 2050 while production in the developing countries would need to almost double. Similarly, present global water demand is projected to increase by 55% with increased competition among various sectors.
The share of water in agriculture is expected to reduce from present due to stiff competition from other sectors like industry, domestic, energy, environment etc. So major challenge would be to produce more with less water in a sustainable manner taking into account impacts of climate change and variability.
New farming techniques, crop genetics and new and improved water efficient irrigation technologies will be the key strategies to enhance agricultural productivity for achieving food security for the human population. Conserving and enhancing the capacity of land and other natural resources along with technologies that conserve and use water efficiently would play a significant role to sustain agriculture and in achieving food security.
Micro irrigation (MI) technologies of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems have emerged as one of the key interventions for water saving and for improving crop productivity. Micro-irrigation technologies have shown improvements in yield, reduction in labor requirement, improvement in output quality, etc. Evidence shows that up to 40% to 80% of water can be saved and water use efficiency can be enhanced dramatically in a properly designed and managed MI system compared to 30-40% under conventional practice.
In an effort to raise awareness, conserve and use water resources in an integrated manner, the 9th IMIC is a platform for congregation of local, regional, national and global ideas and opinion from decision makers, politicians, researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of Water Resources.


In order to promote the use of micro irrigation on large-scale, ICID launched the hosting of international Micro Irrigation Congress commencing from the year 1971 by its member countries. The 8th MIC was held in 2011 in Tehran, Iran. India proposes to hold the 9th Micro Irrigation Conference from 16-18 Jan, 2019 in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

9th International Micro Irrigation Conference 2019 will form a forum where the Indian National Committee which is a part of the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India will generate opportunity for discussions and deliberates strategizes with eminent stakeholders through seminars, exhibitions and sessions to build public awareness for use of micro irrigation on large-scale and to get support to implement key strategies for conservation, preservation, Inter sectoral arrangements, advanced crop technology, precision engineering techniques etc.

8th International Micro Irrigation Congress in Tehran